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 Introduction Ningbo Huyong Electric Power Material Co., Ltd. located in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province and conveniently situated near airport, railway, highway and deepwater portóNingbo Port. The company covers an area of more than 100,000 square meters, with registered capital of RMB 60 million, owns a net asset of more than RMB200 million, having more than 60 professional technicians and 500 workers, and there are four steel tower workshops, two galvanization workshops, two packing workshops, Ningbo Huyong Rare Earth Material Research Institute, Ningbo Huyong Import and Export Corporation and overseas offices.

 Product The company is a specialized manufacturer of transmission line steel tower (the highest voltage is 500KV) , microwave & telecommunication steel tower( Manufacture License for full series of microwave & telecommunication steel tower), electric power fittings, cable tray and electrified railway tower with more than 16 years history and rich experiences in fabricating 3 & 4 legged lattice steel tower, microwave lattice steel tower, single pole tubular steel tower, monopole steel tower, guyed mast steel tower, self support roof top steel tower and decorative steel tower, among them the new style triangle lattice steel tower, which owns the advantages of lighter weight, smaller occupied area and less cost, has been granted a patent by Chinese government.

 Workshop Steel tower workshops professionally produce transmission line steel tower, microwave & telecommunication steel tower, electric power fittings, cable tray and electrified railway tower. The company annual output has reached 60,000 tons, which makes it one of the biggest steel tower manufacturers in Zhejiang Province. The company possesses different kinds of advanced equipments for producing and testing, among them there are eight (8) automatically digital-controlled assembly lines and one welding robot researched and produced by Chinese Academy of Sciences, all the steel structure are molded by CAD software and drafted by computers, the high level automation and specialization greatly improve the superiority rate and the precision.

 Galvanization workshops have the first-class scale and output in Eastern China, adopting the advanced automatically-controlled system of rare earth hot dipped galvanization that built by Shenyang Automatization Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, the annual output reaches 70,000 tons. The main product is rare earth alloy plating products. This new type product has features of surface reinforcement, surface prevention and surface beautification, and the antisepsis ability is two times as strong as common hot dipped galvanization plating products.

 Honour The company is a high-tech enterprise in Zhejiang Province held by Ningbo Electric Industry Bureau with AAA level of credit rating, and has been placed on the second recommending list of " the main equipments and products manufacturers for the construction and upgrading of urban and rural power grids" conducted by State Economic and Trade Commission. With the superb quality of the rare earth galvanization technique, The Company gained the subsidy of Innovation Fund offered by State S & T Department for medium and small enterprises in 2003, and was appointed as one of the enterprises undertaking National Torch Plan Project in 2004.

 Quality System The company has a full-scale concept and system for quality assurance, it was ISO9002 certified in 1999 and rechecked successfully by Beijing Chinese Quality Association; in the beginning of 2002, the company approved with ISO9001 by Moody International Certification Ltd., which make the products have a high standard quality assurance.

 Market All these bring the company tremendous business opportunities, the company was appointed as the manufacturer of transmission line steel tower in Ningbo and Zhoushan district; the company has undertook several key tower engineering for the nation and Zhejiang province; we also won bids of microwave telecommunication tower engineering from China Unicom GSM and China Mobile. The qualified and reputable products have also brought the company more international business opportunities. The company has exported its products to more than 30 countries in South East Asia , Middle East, Africa , Southern America , Europe, including Burma, Bangladesh, Viet Nam, Laos, Philippines, Indonesia, Pakistan, Syria, Iraq, Nepal, Malaysia, India, Nigeria, Sudan, Libya, Congo, Ghana, Liberia, Guatemala, Italy, Spain and etc..

 We firmly stick to the way of ?S&T innovation, scientific management?sustainable development .With the first-class equipments, advanced technique, complete quality assurance system and scientific management, we will make great effort to contribute to the improvement and development of power and telecommunication of Chinese as well as internationalís.

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